Friday, May 18, 2012


Good Day ladies.. it's Friday yey..

Mother's day was over.. and came up Teacher's day pula.. Happy Belated Teacher's day to ALL teachers here.. ^_^

This week featured Blog posts :



Have a great weekend ladies..

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's day..

Good day members..

Wishing Happy Mother's day to all mom out there. Let's appreciate them with extra treat today.. Don't really have to spent much (To do so is a bonus.. ^_^)... May be can let them rest for a day.. I doubt so, because mom is always a supermom.. Tidak boleh duduk diam.. :)

So.. To bring them out for dinner is the best way to make them sit and rest.. :)

Have a wonderful weekend..

Note to members: Please drop your blog link on the comment so I can add you on the list ya. I cannot remember everyone link.. so please provide here ya. Thank you ladies.. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Member's Blog Roll

Happy Monday KBWS..

For those who have not drop their blog url yet.. please do drop it under comment here ya.

I will only listed blogs that given by you here. If you are free do visit each other blogs here..

Have a very nice day everyone..

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Join The Club

Me and few other lady bloggers sometimes having a meet up when I am back in KK.. It was nice to meet up with them and on the same time getting to know other new bloggers.

We planned to have more meet up in future. Actually I planned to organize a meet up but this time may be inviting new comers in the group.

So that is why I decided to open this club. It's specially for all Sabahan lady bloggers aged 21 years old and above only.. I am sorry I have to fixed a certain aged here.. ^_^.

(Note: Yang under age.. boleh join Sabahan blogger club kah.. ok? *Wink*)

I hope by having this club it will be easier to distribute invitation to any future events.. May be annual dinner? Family day (This can bring family.. ^_^) or may be doing some charity work. That is just a plan but hopefully it will be a success.. ^_^.

We will not going to organize the whole event in a year.. I understand everyone have their own life too. But let's see how this gonna work.

I am encouraging all Sabahan mom at home to join too.. I believed you have that beautiful killer dress and 5 inches heels hiding in the closet.. Bila lagi mau melaram kalau bukan on special occasion kan?

So for now.. let's start by joining the club and inviting your friends to join too. Once we reached the target numbers of bloggers.. let's start the event..

I have few blogger friends in mind which will be happy to become the committee.. I know.. ^_^ (Jangan kamu lari sana ah.. come and join the club too hihi)

So join us now.. Thank You..

[How to become a member]
  1. Follow this blog
  2. Click LIKE our FB Fan page.
  3. Drop your blog url under comment so I can add your blog under the club's blog roll.